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Welcome to Create!

Create has been established in North London since 2007, it had been my dream to open a theatre school for many years. Prior to opening Create I had worked as a LAMDA and drama teacher for nearly 10 years, I also trained and taught as a primary school teacher in Barnet. During this time it was clear to me how important performing arts lessons were for all children and the impact they could have on their development. I also felt that children need to be in an environment where they feel secure in order to maximise growth. In Create classes we aim to create a close family feel, children get to know everyone at the school as they all work so closely together.

Create is called Create for two reasons, firstly our primary aim is to promote creativity amongst our students and secondly at Create with our flexible approach, children have the opportunity to Create their own theatre school experience. Create is about personal development, building yourself up to be the best you can be. In our performing arts classes children will have fun, they will learn, but most importantly, they will know that in their mind, voice and bodies they have the chance to Create.

Please browse our website but if you have any questions do not hesitate to give us a call.


‘My youngest daughter who is nearly 13 has been loving going to create for nearly nine years now. My elder daughter started soon after Create was first founded and we have watched the school grow into something even more special every year.

The girls have gained so much from all their outstanding Create experiences… the classes, the shows, the friendships and the fun!’

‘Create has given me lots of good memories, one for me was when I first stepped on the big stage, I felt like I was on Broadway’

My daughter has been attending Create theatre school for 6 years now. She absolutely loves every aspect of the school from the teachers to her friends to the shows that they perform in. Her confidence has really grown which has helped her socially and academically.

I highly recommend the school to anyone who is looking to send their child to theatre school. 

Rhiannon and Eleanor have been coming to Create for a few years and both look forward to Wednesday afternoons. They both really enjoy the shows and love the fact everyone gets a speaking part!!

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