Create is a flexible theatre school for children aged 5-16. Drama, Singing, Dance – it’s your choice! If you want to come and do all 3 classes that’s great, but if you only want to do drama, or dance or drama and singing or any combination- that’s great too.
Drama – In drama children will be encouraged to use their imagination in drama games which will be used at the beginning and end of sessions. Mime, improvisation and script work will all be explored with the emphasis being on fun and confidence building. Children will also be encouraged to use good diction and voice projection.
Singing – Children will warm up their voices with some fun vocal exercises. They will then learn a variety of songs ranging from pop to songs from musicals. Children will have the opportunity to sing solo or in small groups for students who want to.
Dance – Each class will start with a funky warm up to get children ready for the main routines. Children will have the chance to learn routines to their favouirte pop music as well as music from theatre and film.

Students work towards an annual musical held at The Dugdale Centre. Here they are in casts of approx 30 children so everyone gets the chance to shine. Biannually all our children are involved in a large scale production at The Millfield Theatre where they get the opportunity to perform together as a whole company.